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Today’s automobile and vehicle braking systems are much more complex than those in use only a few years ago. When it comes to vehicle safety, few other systems are as important. 
It's important to have your brake system checked at the first signs of diminished performance. This is typically apparent when you must depress the break pedal further to the floorboard than normal before your brakes respond. If you do not notice this taking place, the next warning sign is the high pitch whistling sound, or squeak, as you brake. 
Failure to have your auto brake system serviced when you notice these warning signs may lead to a break down of other automobile brake system parts. Excessively worn brake pads may lead to grinding of your rotors, which can lead to damage to the brake calipers, which may lead to a failure in the brake line, which may lead to a failure of the master cylinder.

The result is a total failure of your braking system. If the brake pads were replaced in time, the cost of break service would have been just a fraction of the cost of total brake system repair.

The type or brand of parts used in the service of your automobile or vehicle may also affect the performance and length of optimal performance of your automobile's brake system. Smitty's technicians use only quality auto parts to ensure peak auto repair service and maintenance of your vehicle.

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