June 2012



Issue 2, Volume 1


The Smitty's Insider is dedicated to giving you useful tips and valuable information about vehicles and general travel. Make use of our articles, stories and road construction updates to make you a better driver and a better traveler.


In This Issue  

          Tech Update: Stop-Start Technology

          Novice Corner: How Do Brakes Work?

          Ask the Experts

          Tales From the Road: The Route 2 Incident

          Construction Update



Insider Tip


When putting air in your tires, check the pump before filling your tires. To do so, press the air pump's inflator valve with your thumb nail. If your thumb gets wet, don't use that pump, as it will put moisture inside your tire. This can corrode your rims and cause pressure variations.





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Tech Update:

Stop-Start Technology


How many times does your car sit idle? Traffic lights, stop signs, trains...all these leave your car sitting, humming away and using gas for essentially no reason. A new technology is on the rise to address this problem and save you gas. It's called Stop-Start technology.


Stop-Start technology turns off the gas flow when you are stopped and restarts your engine when you press the accelerator. It may sound like a simple thing, but it can save you up to 10% in fuel consumption and is boasted to increase your mileage by up to 3.5%.


This technology is not new in Europe, or even to hybrid cars, but is rolling around to conventional cars the United States. So far, it is an option on the models of the future, but at only a few hundred dollars extra, they promise to well make that money back several times over in the life of the vehicle. 



Saving Money on Gas


Many keep their eye on the price of gas as they pass by the local gas stations. It can be daunting, watching those numbers rise and the thought of your pocket book being emptied into your tank. But you need it. You need your vehicle to get you to almost every place you go.



The irony is that the more we need gas, the higher the price will rise. It's the basic laws of Supply and Demand. And with a world that is constantly increased their need for oil, you may feel there is little that you can do. But there are things that you can do, if anything to save yourself money. Many are simple tips that will require little to no investment at all.


In this series of gas-saving tips, we'll show you the things that you can to improve your gas mileage and save you money. [Read More]




Ask the Experts:

Is your vehicle acting strange? Is it doing something or making an odd sound you feel it shouldn't? Or perhaps you have a general question about cars. Ask our experts and your questions may be featured in our newsletter. To ask, just go here.




Tales From the Road:

The Route 2 Incident



To the people of Northwest Ohio, Route 2 is known as a byway from Toledo to the eastern reaches of Ohio. It's one of the main routes to such attractions as Put-In-Bay and Cedar Point. Running beneath Lake Erie, it's also part of the National Scenic Byway and known by travelers as an essential access to both recreational and business opportunities. 


But these kinds of opportunities can easily give way to opportunities for mistakes. One such mistake, I can speak of first hand. It's a cautionary tale, if anything, involving four brothers, a newly-licensed driver and a failed fishing trip.


So gather your loved ones (especially those teenagers who have a fresh license and embark onto Route 2, or any heavily trafficked highway, for that matter) and read on. Mistakes are a good thing to learn from-made even better when it's someone else's mistake. [Read More]




Road Construction:

Construction updates for the Toledo and Metropolitan area:


Between the Monroe Street exit and the I-75 interchange.

 This project is projected to be complete in the fall of 2013,

                             The Douglas ramp from westbound I-475 is closed, due to be opened by August of this year.

                             The ramp from Douglas Road to eastbound I-475 is closed until August 2012.

                             The ramp form Monroe Street to eastbound I-475 is closed through 2013.

                             The ramp from North Cove to westbound I-475 is closed through 2013.

                             The ramp from Upton/Kelley to eastbound I-475 is permanently closed.

                             The ramp from eastbound I-475 to Jeep Parkway is closed through 2013.

Maumee Bridge

                             Through July, northbound I-475 between SR 65 and U.S 24 is reduced to one lane. The project is due to be complete in November of 2012.

City Street Projects

                             Westbound Central Avenue between Upton Avenue and Monroe Street will be reduced to one lane until September.

                             Giant Street between Upton and Bigelow is closed through 2012 for sewer relocation.

                             Upton Ave between Georgia and Central is reduced to one lane in each direction through 2013.

                             Sherbrooke Road between Groveland and Marlow is closed through 2013.




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