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5916 W. Sylvania Avenue
(at Holland - Sylvania)
Toledo, OH 43623
Phone: (419) 882 - 4991
M-F: 7:30am - 6pm
Sat & Sun: Closed
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West Toledo 
5750 Jackman Rd.
(Jackman & Alexis)
Toledo, OH 43613
Phone: (419) 478-1309
Toll Free: (888) 273-1307
M-F: 7:30am -6pm
Sat: 7:30am - 4pm
Sun: Closed
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Toledo Automobile Repair & Service. We service your Automobile, Auto, Car, Truck, Pick Up, RV, and Motor Home. Toledo Automotive Repair, Maintenance & Service Specialist, Serving Toledo & Northwest Ohio Auto Owners for over 50 Years.

Ohio Automobile Repair & Service, Serving Toledo, Sylvania, Perrysburg, Waterville, Springfield, Oregon, Rossford, Maumee, Ottawa Hills, Holland, Monclova, Lime City, Swanton, and Delta, Ohio Automobile Owners.

Michigan Automobile Repair & Service Service, Serving Adrian, Lambertville, Temperance, Berkey, Bedford, Samaria, Ottawa Lake, Metamora, Riga, Blissfield, Palmyra, Deerfield, Petersburg, Ida and Monroe, Michigan Automobile Owners.
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Smitty's Automotive proudly serves the Toledo, Sylvania and surrounding areas in Northwest Ohio
The transmission is the device which sends power from the engine to the drive wheels. It is made up of various gears which distributes a specific range of RPM (Revolutions Per Minute) which ensures the power is properly delivered to the wheels keeps the engine within it's designated range of power and speed.

Transmission may be either a standard, which automatically changes the gear you are in as you drive, or manual, in which the driver shifts the gears up or down, depending upon the driving conditions and speeds which they are traveling.​
The modern transmission widely considered the most complicated mechanical component in today's automobiles. Therefore, when you are experiencing problems with your transmission, whether it is a standard or manual, it is extremely important to have an experienced ASE certified automobile transmission technician service and professionally repair your vehicle.

Depending upon the condition of of your vehicle, transmission repair may be as simple as lubricating or as detailed as internal mechanism replacement, and in extreme cases, complete replacement.

At Smitty's Automotive, our automobile transmission repair and service technicians remain at the forefront in understanding the advances in automobile technology and have the experience to keep your automobile transmission working at peak performance.

Toledo Automobile Repair Service for your Automobile, Auto, Car, Truck, Pick Up, RV, and Motor Home ... Serving Toledo, Sylvania and the surrounding Northwest Ohio areas.