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Saving Money on Gas Part 1-
More Efficient Driving
Sure, there are more fuel-efficient vehicles rolling out al the time. Technology marches along to the needs of the people--and right now, with gas prices the way they are, things are definitely leaning that way. But you don’t need to turn in your current car for new one to start saving money on gas. You can start right now with what you currently drive.

One way is to simply drive smarter. Changing your driving habits can have a positive effect on your vehicle’s fuel consumption. Here are some things you can do:

Take it easy on the accelerator
This is nothing new. But if you paid attention to your current habits, you may be surprised at the amount of times you break this rule. 
Just how quickly do you need to accelerate to the speed limit after sitting idle? Are you just racing up to the next red light or behind a line of fellow drivers moving at a crawl? If you keep yourself in check and anticipate where you are heading and how fast you are getting there, you may be surprised.
Following the speed limit also helps. If you travel over 60 MPH, your fuel efficiency begins to reduce drastically. Especially on short trips, you have to consider how much time you’re actually saving compared to the amount of extra gas you’re using. If you travel 5 miles at 70 MPH versus 60MPH, for example, you’re only getting to your destination roughly 43 seconds sooner. 

Take it easy on the brake
More accurately, brake smarter. Take your foot off the accelerator in anticipating a stop. If you are going right from the accelerator to the brake, you are wasting gas. Give yourself more coasting time and make your fuel last longer. 

Know when to turn on the AC
It’s been a bit of a dispute for quite a while, the battle between whether it’s better to use your vehicle’s air conditioner or simply roll down the windows to cool the interior of car. But with studies done, it seems the results are a mixture of the two. AC will drain power from your engine, but rolling down your windows will foul up your aerodynamics. The answer is relative to speed. A good rule of thumb is to roll down your windows while driving around town (if you can hack the heat, of course), but feel free to switch that AC on when travelling at highway speeds.

Lighten the load
Make sure you aren’t toting around any excess items you don’t need. Clean out that trunk. And if you have a choice between carrying something on the roof of your versus stowing it in the trunk, always choose the trunk first. Things on the roof will cause drag and decrease your mileage.

Use the Cruise Control
Use your vehicle’s Cruise Control whenever possible when travelling at cruising speeds.

Use your vehicle’s Overdrive
If available on your vehicle, use the Overdrive gear whenever possible. Your vehicle will drive at lower engine speeds and cut your fuel consumption.

Just these simple tips on driving habits will help you save fuel and, in return, money. In the future, we will bring you more gas-savings tips.