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Saving Money on Gas Part 2-
Vehicle Upkeep
Your car is nothing more than a machine--albeit a machine that’s an investment and an essential part of your lifestyle, but a machine, nonetheless. Part of saving yourself fuel and in turn money includes keeping your vehicle running at optimum performance. Here are some maintenance tips to make that happen.

Tire Pressure
Keeping your tire pressure at the proper levels will improve your mileage. It won’t be much, but every little bit helps and it all adds up to to your end goal. The most important thing about ideal tire pressure is safety. Add the fact that it costs little, if no money at all, to do this, there really is no reason not to do this.

Air Filter
To get proper combustion, your engine needs to mix air with your fuel. To do this, it draws in air and distributes it as necessary. Your air filter prevents all kinds of gunk and debris from getting into your engine. But over time, the amount of dirt builds up in your filter, making it harder for the engine to draw in air and causing it to make your fuel mixture richer, decreasing your gas mileage.

How often you should change your air filter varies from vehicle types and the environment you drive in. A good rule of thumb is to simply change it once a year.

Oil and Oil Filter
Oil keeps the moving parts in your car lubricated and moving smoothly. Over time as your oil loses its effectiveness, it can cause friction and make your engine work harder, causing an increase in gas consumption. Changing your oil and oil filter regularly will help prevent this from happening. Check your owner’s manual to see how often you should do this.

Spark Plugs
Spark plugs ignite the fuel/air mixture in your engine. Over time, they can accrue carbon build up, dampening the spark and decreasing fuel efficiency. You should change these regularly, depending on when your owner’s manual specifications.

Fuel Injector and Air Induction System
Dirty fuel injectors will affect he spray pattern and flow of fuel. A dirty air intake system will affect staring, idling and drivability. Not only can both of these result in increased fuel consumption, but they will cause your vehicle to have difficulties starting, rough idling and even stalling. 

We recommend that you have these cleaned every 30 thousand miles.

How to Calculate Your Gas Mileage
There is a simple way to calculate your current gas mileage. gas up until your tank is full and reset your trip odometer. Then the next time you fill up, check to see how much gas you put in (it tells you right on the pump) and compare it to how many miles you have driven on your trip odometer. From there, it’s just a matter of division, dividing your miles by how many gallons you put in. For example, if you travelled 320 miles and put in 10 gallons, your vehicle gets approximately 32 miles to the gallon (320 divided by 10).